view from blaauwberg

The Blaauwberg Nature Reserve (BBNR), a unique area of approximately 2 000 ha comprising a rich mosaic of natural, cultural and historical elements, is located 25 km north of the centre of Cape Town, South Africa. It is regarded as a global biodiversity hotspot. It harbours a unique treasure of cultural historical artefacts and has the potential to become an open-air classroom which is easily accessible to millions of people in its proximity. It also provides a strategic visual link between Table Mountain and Robben Island and provides opportunities for a multitude of recreational activities.

Please note:

All reserves managed by the City of Cape Town, including Blaauwberg Nature Reserve, are now open as normal.  This means the Coastal Dune Trail is available for visitors and others who want to enjoy the beautiful specimens en route (see ‘Fauna and Flora’ for entry fees). 

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25 May 2023
2023 May News

FoBCA Newsletter 2023 No. 1

Have you ever wondered why Easter Weekend tends to herald the onset of the Cape's colder season? Our outdoor sports enthusiasts, especially the surfers, probably know that with a new or a full moon comes stormy weather. The fact that Easter is always the first Sunday after the paschal full moon…
26 September 2022

FoBCA Newsletter 2022 No. 3

We are in the midst of Spring! We are sure you must have made at least one journey to ‘go and see the flowers' and noticed the joyful spirit in nature at this time of the year - the vividness of colour, the abundance of insects and the crisp, cold air. There are various places in our own backyard…


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