Reserve Management

Being situated on the axis of urban growth, the Blaauwberg Nature Reserve (BBNR) is under significant threat from the impacts of urbanisation including potentially inappropriate developments on its periphery, service infrastructure, e.g. roads, storm water infrastructure, resource depletion and loss of biological corridors important for movement of species.

Invasive alien vegetation is also a great threat not only because of the potential loss of biodiversity but also because it poses a fire hazard. The Working for Water programme of the Department of Water Affairs has over the last 3 years provided funding for removal of invasive alien vegetation. This has made a great difference to the areas where the clearing has occurred and the naturally-occurring vegetation is making a remarkable recovery.

One of the key groups of the FoBCA is the Hacking group – a group of individuals who meet every Tuesday to clear vegetation, using donated equipment from Friends funds. If you are keen to help, please contact the chairman.

One of the biggest challenges is obtaining funding to realise the BBNR vision and achieving financial self-sustainability in the medium to long term.

The City of Cape Town’s Conservation Department, who oversees the Reserve and all its conservation aspects, publish quarterly reports that provide valuable insight into the work done to preserve and restore the Reserve to its original status.

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