What’s flowering in June?

Sandviooltjie mar03


Lachenalia rubida


Bulbous plant with 1 or 2 leaves, green or spotted with pink or red nodding flowers in June and July.
Inner tepals much longer than outer ones.


Osteospermum monilifera

Tickberry; Bietou

These bushes of up to 2m are covered in yellow daisy-like flowers from March to November.
Some say they smell like chocolate.
This is followed by red or black edible berries, which we believe were an important Khoi food.

Harde blaar  


Phyllica ericoides

Harde blaar

A closely, leafy shrublet with needle-like leaves.
Leaves are revolute (margins rolled under). They flower throughout the year, but prominently in May with a distinct honey smell.