What’s flowering in July?

Sandviooltjie may01


Lachenalia rubida


Bulbous plant with 1 or 2 leaves, green or spotted with pink or red nodding flowers in June and July.
Inner tepals much longer than outer ones.


Osteospermum monilifera

Tickberry; Bietou

These bushes of up to 2m are covered in yellow daisy-like flowers from March to November.
Some say they smell like chocolate.
This is followed by red or black edible berries, which we believe were an important Khoi food.

Slangbessie Arum lily


Lycium ferocissimum


Thorny shrub of up to 2m, flowering from July to October.
The red berries which appear towards November are edible.


Zantedeschia aethiopica

Arum lily; Varkblom

The striking white “flower” is not a true flower, but a spathe. The true flowers are the yellow spikes: Male flowers at the top and females below.
They flower from July to September.