What’s flowering in January?

Doll’s rose Wilde anyswortel


Hermannia ternifolia

Poprosie; Doll’s rose

Flowers from September to January. They are
known as the porcelain bells of South Africa.
They grow from an underground rootstock which
helps them to survive droughts and fires
Prof Carl Herman, a German botanist, starting
collecting them in 1670.


Annesorhiza macrocarpa

Wilde anyswortel

This is a perennial of 1.6 m. These are the seeds.
They start flowering in September. The leaves are
absent during flowering period. The flowers are
a showy and pale yellow (seen left); the seeds
seen right.

Rooisuikerblom Otholobium bracteolatum Skaapbostee


Tylecodon grandiflorus

Rooisuikerblom or Bandjiesbos

A succulent shrublet of 50 cm, often sprawling.
Leaves mostly dry when flowering. It resembles
ribbons tied to the end of a stick.
A very poisonous plant.


Otholobium bracteolatum Skaapbostee

A perennial shrub of about 1.5 m with trifoliate
leaves. It bears bright blue peaflowers in tight clusters.

Helichrysum patulum Sea lavender


Helichrysum patulum

Related to Kooigoed

A herb which flowers from November to January. It is known by its distinct soft grey foliage.
Has a very spicy fragrance when touched.


Limonium purpuratum

Sea lavender; Papierblom

This grows only on the sandy West Coast.
A tufted shrublet with smooth, paddle-shaped leaves. It bears clusters of mauve, papery flowers from November to January. Very sought after as a cut flower. Has been hybridized into pot plants and cut flowers all over the world especially Australia and New Zealand.



Euclea racemosa


Compact shrublet with thick, leathery leaves.
Flowers are small, bell-shaped and creamy white in colour.
Flowers from December to March.