What’s flowering in February?

Chandelier lily Kersbos


Brunsvigia orientalis

Chandelier lily; Kandelaar

A bulbous perennial which flowers in February and March. Likes to grow on an eastern slope (orientalis). A lovely surprise in late summer.
The flowers seem to pop out of the bare ground.
Leaves start growing in early winter (March/April)
once seeds have blown away – usually 6 huge leaves.


Euclea racemosa


Compact shrublet with thick, leathery leaves.
Flowers are small, bell-shaped and creamy white in colour.
Flowers from December to March.

Rooisuikerblom Skaapbostee


Tylecodon grandiflorus

Rooisuikerblom or Bandjiesbos

A succulent shrublet of 50 cm, often sprawling.
Leaves mostly dry when flowering. It resembles ribbons tied to the end of a stick.
A very poisonous plant.


Otholobium bracteolatum


A perennial shrub of about 1.5 m with trifoliate leaves. It bears bright blue peaflowers in tight clusters.