More Eland in the Blaauwberg Nature Reserve

elandIn September last year, a few Red Hartebees were released into the Blaauwberg Nature Reserve. In December, an Eland joined the family and on 1st February 2016 another 2 Eland were released.

The Eland and Hartebees have 1 445 hectares to roam around and they are joined by 40 other mammals, 30 reptiles, 166 birds, 4 amphibians and 30 butterfly species. It is the vision of Blaauwberg Nature Reserve to introduce larger wildlife species suitable to the area, to enhance the management of the vegetation cover and ecological processes. Another 5 Eland are expected to join the herd in the next view months. Species earmarked for re-introduction include Eland, Red Hartebeest and Grey Rhebok.

For more information contact Jacques Küyler
Biodiversity Area Co-ordinator: Blaauwberg Nature Reserve
T + 27 21 444 0454